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sheet music

Start by downloading a copy of the sheet music. You will need Adobe Reader to view the file (if you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version here). Note: sheet music file is 13 MB; if you prefer a lower-resolution file for faster download, click here.

NOTE: Please ignore the repeat signs in this version of the score; you will sing through the piece only once.

practice mp3s

Below you’ll find both a piano version and a choral version of Soma Christou that you can download and sing along to. These are identical to the accompaniment options you’ll be given when actually recording your part—so we encourage you to check them out, get a feel for the tempo, review Tikey’s instructions, and practice a bit in preparation for “the real deal”!

Piano version:


       Choral version:


       An enormous thank you to Caitlin Tabancay Austin (soprano and alto), Jospeh Bates (tenor and sound engineer) and Asher Davison (bass) for lending their beautiful voices to our choral accompaniment. Caitlin previously sang on AXIOS’s first CD, Celebrating the Hymns of Greek Orthodox America; Joseph and Asher joined her for AXIOS’s production of a short 50th wedding anniversary video concert last year for Fr. Theodore and Presbytera Ione Filandrinos.

pronunciation guide

Click below to hear a clip of the full text being spoken:

speakerSoma Christou metalavete, pigis athanatou gefsasthe. Allilouia.

a as in harm
ch as in Bach
e as in let
i as in omni
g as in year (never as in gem or goat)
o as in torn
s as in sun
ou or u as in tune
th as in thin

soma christou and tikey zes

Σῶμα Χριστοῦ μεταλάβετε, πηγῆς ἀθανάτου γεύσασθε. Ἀλληλούϊα.

Soma Christou metalavete, pigis athanatou gefsasthe. Allilouia.

Receive ye the Body of Christ; taste of the Fount of Immortality. Alleluia. (translation from first published score)

Once a year shortly after midnight on the feast of Holy Pascha, or Greek Easter, the hymn “Soma Christou” draws Greek Orthodox Christians to Holy Communion. Tikey’s music is known by almost every Greek Orthodox churchgoer throughout the United States, and nothing captures his contribution to our liturgical experience more universally than his sublime communion hymn for Easter.